Feng Shui In Your Classroom

What type of feeling or energy would you like to create for your classroom?  What types of activities do you plan on having students participate in? You might want rows for lecture or direct instruction yet pods or tables for group work and collaboration.  Of course, students could be arranged in pairs to have a ready partner or in a horseshoe for open discussion.  The possibilities for setting up a classroom are endless–and can be daunting.  Here are a few ideas to get you started.

For more information on these classroom arrangements, check out  http://behavioradvisor.com/ClassroomDesign.html.

But don’t stop there! Scholastic offers a wonderful, free tool to plan your classroom and easily make a seating chart (seating chart for sub folder, check!).  Use the Classroom Set-Up Tool to play around with different arrangements. You might choose several arrangements and use them on different days based on the types of activities you have planned.

So tap into your inner Feng Shui Master, and start creating your positive classroom energy!







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